Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Parralox song - Silent Morning

To celebrate the holidays, we have a very exclusive holiday gift for you. It’s not a “silent night” , it’s a “Silent Morning” as we bring you our first “Noel” cover song by Parralox in way of a FREE DOWNLOAD.
Parralox are part of the EQ Music family and we have put together this version of “Silent Morning – The Exclusive Fan Mix” for readers of EQ Music.

“Silent Morning” will be the next single from Parralox and EQ are working hard on some very cool mixes, plans and collaborations for the song in 2013.

As a taster of what’s to come and for all your support of Parralox and their single “Sharper Than A Knife”, we’ve decided to give this “Exclusive Fan Mix” of “Silent Morning” to you for a limited time only.

Trust us, take it while it’s HOT!

Click on the photo above, or the soundcloud link below.

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