Friday, May 21, 2010

Parralox @ Electroqueer (London)

Wow - can we just say a BIG thanks to Raj Rudolph, Chi, DJ Adam, Dear Martin, Bim and everyone who came to see us play live at Electroqueer tonight in London. Not a full house, but certainly the most enthusiastic crowd we've ever played to. Totally.

Thanks for cheering at the end of each song - and then demanding THREE encores! We walked away feeling like superstars.

A big thanks to all our fans who travelled far and wide to attend. It was a pleasure to meet you all in person and chat. We know some of you drove for many hours just to see us perform, and we humbly appreciate it. Especially one guy who forged a sick certificate so he could get the day off work (we won't say your name - in case your boss is a Parralox fan too LOL) We could go on to list all the names of the people we'd like to thank, but you know who you are. We managed to speak to most of you tonight.

Stay tuned for a flood of photos...

We love you London.
xxx Amii + John


  1. Twas a GREAT night for Parralox fans! I felt totally connected to you and your fabulous choons, and our appreciation was evident (Banging loudly on the stage was started by yours truely LOL). Three encores still didn't seem to be enough, which just shows how much of a brilliant time you were giving us! My friends' endoscopy 'appointment' was spent in great company, Thank you John & Amy, Love David xx

  2. Oh P.S, you both look HOTTER in real life!!